Wedge Model Concept:
The Wedge model is a detailed cost verification solution that allows operators, engineering and construction companies working in the mining, process, power generation, oil & gas and heavy infrastructure sectors to ascertain an early indication of costs and return on investment for Brownfield and Greenfield projects.  Wedge offers a high value, low overhead solution which provides accurate schedule & cost estimates allowing a greater degree of certainty behind decision making through international benchmarking and best-practice engineering principles.  


Our Trends:
The Wedge Model combines over 30 years of operational management, design, and project delivery experience with updated industry data to provide valid industry benchmark comparisons. Wedge trends are updated monthly and originate from 3 unique sources, including:

These trends are independent from any bias toward one perspective so are not corrupted to achieve a desired outcome. By cross referencing our data the Wedge Model team is able to provide accurate, up-to-date industry benchmarked trends.


Engineering Principles and Industry Benchmarking:
Wedge Model can work with you to implement innovative engineering solutions through benchmarking against your current practices and deliverables.  Wedge only inputs qualified data and engineering deliverables, with zero assumptions or predictions factored in to ensure accurate and unbiased outputs in regards to cost and schedule. 

Wedge can be applied for tender pricing, project rationalisation, or optimising operations.  It provides a cost effective way to remove bottlenecks, reduce costs, introduce innovative processes, and develop more streamlined and compliant systems.   Wedge provides a clear risk profile for each scenario enabling clients to make informed decisions on capital and operation expenditure.


Our Team:
Our knowledgeable and experienced team includes optimisation, design, and project delivery experts who have a practical understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with Brownfield and Greenfield developments. They have a proven track-record of delivering large scale resource and infrastructure projects on time and within budget, utilising engineering best practice and accurate benchmarked data.


The Man behind the Model
The man that created the model and still drives it with the assistance of a technical and analytical team is Arthur Gill.  Arthur holds a PhD structural engineering; 1st class honours in mechanical, and civil and quantity surveying degrees.  He has been a director of an international EPCM organisation delivering global projects for over a decade.

Arthurs project delivery and engineering experience includes successfully delivering:  mine processing; heavy infrastructure; oil & gas; power generation; port and rail; water, and major infrastructure projects.  He currently sits on the Board and is a major shareholder of a multi-national Banking and Funding Institution.  His career also includes work assisting governments in communications and intelligence.


For further information regarding the Wedge Model, or to arrange a consultation please contact David Webb in Perth on +61 (0)8 9217 3500




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