Oreion Contracting

Oreion Contracting – Professional and Trades & Labour 

Oreion’s contracting and payroll division specialises in providing immediate access to experienced trades and labour personnel, as well as technical and managerial professionals.  Our areas of expertise include: engineering; construction; operations, and maintenance across mining; rail and major infrastructure, and oil & gas industries.

Our live database of tested and comprehensively checked personnel allows us to respond quickly to our clients needs, offering flexibility to workforce planning associated with project start-ups, production variations, short-term assignments and emergency cover. 

Oreion’s track-record and expertise enables us to understand the unique risks and challenges associated with working in heavy industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining and promoting the highest levels of compliance, safety and duty of care to all our contract and payroll staff.  We aim to align ourselves with target companies who share Oreion’s core values; ensuring industry best practice is maintained, and enabling our contractors to integrate seamlessly with the resident workforce.


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